The Awatiro Jig

A 32 bar Jig for 3 couples in a 4 couple Longwise set

For the Stubbs family of Awatiro and the Auckland Speleo Group.
Devised by Eddy West 1984.

1-2 First couple dance round each other passing right shoulder to finish back to back in the middle of the dance level with second place, second couple dance up and face down.
3-8Crown triangles finishing facing second corners.
 3-4 First lady gives hands to second couple as in double triangles while first man gives hands to third couple, all set, on second setting step first couple turn pulling back right shoulders to face own sides.
 5-6 Repeat, first lady giving hands to the supporting ladies, first man to the supporting men, finish first lady facing down first man facing up.
 7-8 Set as in Double Triangles, finish facing second corners.
9-20Half Marigold formation.
 9-10First couple changes places with second corners passing right shoulders, second corners pass right shoulder and curve right to face first corners.
 11-12Second corners change places with first corners passing right shoulder, first corners pass right shoulder and curve right to face first couple.
 13-14 First corners change places with first couple passing right shoulder, first couple pass right shoulder and curve to the right to face second corners.
 15-20 Repeat these 6 bars.
21-24 Second and third couples set and dance half right hands across while first couple dance out the ends and round first corner position to face second corners.)
25-30 Six bar reels of three with corners passing second corners right shoulder to begin.
31-32 First couple cross to own sides giving right hands.

Repeat having passed a couple.

Suggested music: "Jennifer's Jig"

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