The Celtic Line

32 bar jig for three couples in a three couple longwise set.

Devised by Eddy West 2001.

1-8 First, second and third couples dance right shoulder reels on the sides.
9-12 First man and second lady turn with right hands back to place.
13-16 First lady and second man turn 1¼ times with left hands to finish in a diagonal line between their partners, facing their own partner.
17-24 First and second couples dance half a modified Celtic Reel, finishing on opposite sides in changed places.
 17-18 Change places with partners passing right shoulders.
 19-20 First lady and second man dance a curved track across to their original places and face in diagonally, first man and second lady dance round each other ¾ of the way round passing left shoulder to face their partners.
 21-22 Change places with partners passing right shoulders.
 23-24 First man dances down to second lady’s place and second lady dances up to first man’s place, while first lady and second man pass left shoulder to dance out to opposite sides, first lady in second man’s place, second man in first lady’s place.
25-28First and third couples set and dance half right hands across to finish facing down holding partner’s right hands.
29-32First couple cross and cast up to second place, third couple dance down and cast into third place, all are on opposite sides in order 2,1,3.

The set now inverts and the dance is repeated with third couple leading from the original bottom. On the third repeat the second couple lead from the original top, the dance is then repeated three more times so that each couple leads from each end.

Suggested recorded music : "Jig selection" recorded by Green Ginger on the CD "Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy"

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