A Dance for Esther

A 32 bar Strathspey for three couples in a three couple set.

For Esther Mackay, Teacher of the Waitemata SCD Club.
Devised by Eddy West 1992.

Men stand 3,2,1, ladies 1,2,3, i.e. diagonally opposite your partner.
Esther taught the Waitemata Club Derek Haynes dance "My Heather Hills" which has dancers standing in this order.

1-8All dance reels of three on the sides, first and second couples pass right shoulder to begin.
9-12First and second couples set and link.
13-16First couple set to each other advancing and turn with both hands finishing back to back facing first corner (similar to "Sugar Candie").
17-20First couple set to and turn first corners.
21-24First couple set to and turn second corners, at the end first couple drop right hands, first woman to pick up third man, first man to pick up third woman.
25-28First lady with second and third men, first man with second and third ladies, dance three hands round to the left, on bar 28 first couple drop right hands and third couple lead round to form a large circle.
29-32All dance six hands round to the left, finishing on own sides ladies in order 2,3,1, men in order 1,3,2.

Repeat from new positions.

Suggested Music: "The Singing Sands" on the record "Another Celebration" - Lothian Band

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