Dancing in the Dark

A 32 bar Strathspey for four couples.

Dedicated to the friends who joined me on a series of annual caving trips held on the weekend of the Te Awamutu Ball.
Devised by Eddy West 1983.

1-2All set.
3-4Giving partner right hands first and third couples turn while second and fourth couples half turn.
5-8First and second couples and at the same time third and fourth couples dance right hands across to finish all near the centre of the dance, men close behind their partners.
9-16All dance a "tandem" reel of four, each couple dancing as one. (finish on side lines, second and fourth couples all on opposite sides, all ladies facing out.)
17-24First and second couples together and third and fourth couples together dance reels of four across the dance (men cross passing left shoulder, ladies cast, to begin).
25-26First and second couples right hands across half way.
27-30First and third couples set facing up and down the dance and change places giving left hands.
31-32First and fourth couples right hands across half way.

Repeat from new positions.

Suggested Recorded Music: "The Crystal Quaich" Ian Muir "Third Kirkbrae Collection"

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