Jan Finlayson’s Jig

32 bar jig for three couples in a four couple longwise set.

For Jan Finlayson
Devised by Eddy West 1997.

1-4 First and second couples set and dance right hands across half way.
5-8 Second and first couples set, second couple cross giving right hands while first couple turn right hand to face first corners.
9-12 First couple dance a half reel of four with first corners and pass right shoulder to face second corners.
13-16 First couple dance a half reel of four with second corners and pass right shoulders to finish facing second corner person again.
17-24 First couple dance reels of three across the dance, passing second corner person right shoulder to begin, all finish on opposite sides, third couple in top place, first couple in second place and second couple in third place.
25-28First couple cross giving right hand and cast to the right finishing first woman in third place in the middle facing up and first man in top place in the middle facing down while second and third couples set to partners and cross giving right hands, finishing facing up and down on own sides.
29-32First couple cross up and down the dance giving right hands and cast to the right into second place while second and third women and second and third men set and change places giving right hands.

Repeat having passed a couple

Devised to mark Jan Finlayson's three years as
President of Kamo Scottish Country Dance Club
In grateful recognition of a job well done.

Tune: John Finlayson’s Jig

Suggested recorded music : The Lantern of the North, Andrew Rankine on London Highland Clubs Diamond Jubilee record. (the tune John Finlayson’s Jig is played for second couples first turn and third couples second turn)

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