Jean's Strathspey

A 32 bar Strathspey for four couples.
For Jean Chave.
Devised by Eddy West 2000.

1-4First and second couples set, first couple only cross giving right hand.
5-8First lady and second man turn one and a half times with the left hand, first man and second lady likewise with the right hand. (Finish as in Fig. 1)
9-16First and third couples Half Tandem Reel and Turn.
 9-12 First man, followed by third lady dancing in tandem, dances half a tandem reel of three up and down the centre of the dance with first lady and third man, first man passes his partner by the right to begin, third lady follows him throughout, they finish between the third man and first lady facing the men’s side, all in a line up and down the middle of the dance. (See Fig. 2)
 13-16First couple with left hand, third couple with right hand turn one and a half times to finish on side lines having changed places, first couple still on opposite sides. First man and third lady, first lady and third man cover in turns.
17-24First lady with the fours, first man with the threes right hands across. Change passing right shoulder to dance left hands across with the other couple.
25-26First and fourth couples set on the side while second and third couples commence a double figure of eight, second couple crossing down and third couple casting up to begin.
27-32First and fourth couples dance six bars of a double figure of eight, first couple casting off and fourth couple crossing up to begin while second and third couple continue their double figure of eight.

Repeat from new positions.
Written for Jean Chave, one of the Teachers of the Kamo Scottish Country Dance Club, Jean and I have had several interesting times dancing the Tournee.
Music: "Doon the Burn Davie Lad" as recorded for "Alison Rose" by David Cunningham Jnr on Highlander Music - Scottish Dances Vol. 3

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