Mrs Thew of Mt Wellington

A 32 bar Strathspey for 3 couples in a three couple set (3 by 32 bars Strathspey)

Written in memory of Ivy Thew and of a class where we danced Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw.
This dance was originally published by the Auckland Region, NZ Branch RSCDS in the Ivy Thew Memorial Collection.
Devised by Eddy West 2002.

1-4First and second couples set then turn with right hand remaining in the middle of the dance.
5-8First and second couples dance right hands across right round finishing in the middle of the dance facing up.
9-16Dance reels of three on the sides, first couple cast into the reel while second coupe dance up and third couple dance towards each other and cast up. On bars 11-12 first couple giving right hands cross to the bottom of the set on opposite sides to continue the reel. On bars 15-16 first couple turn with right hands to face first corners while second couple dance up to top place.
17First couple pass first corners right shoulder.
18First couple curve round to face in, first corners half turn with both hands.
19First couple pass first corners right shoulder.
20Corners curve back into place, first couple pass one another right shoulder to face second corners.
21-24Repeat with second corners, first couple finish on opposite sides in second place.
25-26First and third couples set.
27-32First and third couples dance six bars of a double figure of eight, first couple cast to begin, third couple cross up. Finish 2,3,1 on own sides.

Repeat with a new couple leading.

Suggested tune: Sabhal Ian ‘ic Uisdean (McKewan’s Barn) –
played for “Macdonald of the Isles” by Frank Reid on “Something Else”

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