Rob Roy’s Rant

32 bar reel for three couples in a four couple longwise set.

Devised by Eddy West 1992.

1-8 First and second couples dance a reel of four across the dance, first lady and second man pass left shoulder to begin while their partners dance slightly to their left. They finish the reel with first couple in second place.
9-10 First couple cross giving right hands while second and third couples set (no hands).
11-12 First couple cast to their right to finish first lady in the middle in top place, first man in the middle in third place. At the same time second and third couples link on the sides to finish with third couple in first place facing down, second couple in third place facing up. (As if they were the supporting couples in a three couple set and link.)
13-16Repeat, first couple changing up and down, supporting couples linking across to all finish on opposite sides.
17-24 Repeat bars 9-16 back to own sides.
25-32Reels of three across the dance, first lady giving left shoulder to second man, first man left shoulder to third lady.

Repeat having passed a couple

Tune : "MacGregor’s March"

Suggested recorded music : "Australian Ladies" recorded by Harp and Claymore on the CD "Australian Ladies"

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