St Aidan’s Old Hall

32 bar strathspey for four couples in a longwise set.

For the dancers of Knox Scottish Country Dance Club
Devised by Eddy West 1992.

1-8 All dance a progressive grand chain for four couples.
 1-2 First couple cross giving right hands, other couples stand.
 3-4 First couple change places with second couple giving left hands.
 5-6 Second couple cross giving right hands, first couple change places with third couple giving right hands.
 7-8 Second couple change places with third couple giving left hands, while first couple do the same with fourth couple.
9-16 All dance reels of four on the sides.
17-18 All set.
19-24 Third couple with second couple, fourth couple with first couple all dance six bars of double figures of eight, second and first couples casting up to begin.
25-32First couple cross and cast to fourth place, fourth couple stepping up on bars 27 and 28, then turn with both hands one and a half times to finish on own sides.

Repeat from new positions.

St Aidans Old Hall was the home of Knox SCD Club when I danced there. Sadly it was demolished at the end of 2002 to make way for a carpark, Knox Club continues to meet at a new venue.

Suggested recorded music : "Thirty years on" recorded by Muriel Johnstone on the CD "Music for 15 Social Dances"

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