The Waipu Dominie

A 32 bar Jig for four couples in a four couple set.

For Elaine Goldthorpe teacher of the Waipu Club who enjoys a good Birl.
Devised by Eddy West 2009.

1-2All set.
3-4First couple lead down to between second and third place.
5-6First couple set. Second couple move up and in and fourth couple move in slightly. Third couple move up half a place and slightly out.
7-8First couple half turn with left hand lady finishing facing down near the mens side and man facing up beside her.
9-16Second, first and fourth couples dance right shoulder reels up and down the set, first couple finish facing out towards third couple, first lady facing third man.
17-24First and third couples dance a reel of four across, third couple finish in second place, first couple facing in the middle
25-30First couple do a pivot turn moving down the set finishing in fourth place on own sides, third and fourth couple move up on bars 29-30
31-32All Set

Repeat from new positions.

Those who find a pivot turn disorienting may lead down, set and cross to own sides on bars 25-30.

Suggested Music: "A Ring of Friendship" on the record "H.I.S.C.D."

Note: the reels in bars 9-16 are both right shoulder reels but are not parallel reels being like those following set to corners as for example in "The Montgomeries' Rant".

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