An Cailin Dhu

32 bar strathspey for four couples in a square set.

For Gillian Taylor.
Devised by Eddy West 1991.

1-4 Face partners and set, then dance a petronella turn to finish with the ladies back to back in the middle, the men facing them.
5-12 Dance double reels of four, giving left hands across in passing in the middle, eight bars.
13-16 Give right hands to partners and turn to original places facing in.
17-20 Set and link with partners.
21-24 Set and link with corners, men do not curl round but remain facing anti-clockwise round the set.
25-28First and third couples together, second and fourth couples together dance half ladies chains, ladies give right hands across in passing.
29-32Pass partner left shoulder, next person right shoulder etc. to meet partner again on the opposite side (do not give hands) .

Finish in 4,1,2,3 order, facing partners ready to start again

Suggested recorded music : The Dundee Whaler, Andrew Rankine on Selected Scottish Country Dances Vol 1.

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