Barry's Dancers

A 2x48 bar Medley for 4 couples in a square set (48S + 48R).

For Barry Skelton’s dancing group with thanks to them for trying my dances as well.
Devised by Eddy West 1991.

1-4 All set to partners and turn with right hand.
5-8All set to corners and turn with left hand.
9-16 All dance interlocking reels of four
17-32 All dance Schiehallion reels.
33-40 All dance rights and lefts. To begin all change places right hand up and down the set, first and third couples change places with long steps, second and fourth use short steps to change places with partners on the side. All then change left hand across, first and third with short steps to change with partners, second and fourth with long steps right across. Then repeat those four bars back to place.
41-44All set and cast a quarter of the way round the set clockwise.
45-48All circle half way round the set to the left.

Finish in 4,1,2,3 order, facing partners ready to repeat in reel time, on bars 33-40 replace rights and lefts with a double men's chain.

Suitable recorded music: “The Nor’loch”, David Cunningham, Highlander 3

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