Hope for Harriet

A 32 bar Reel for 2 couples in a 3 couple longwise set

For Roderick Nobes.
Devised by Eddy West 2003.

1-4First and second couples dance four hands round half way to the left and then set.
5-8First and second couples dance four hands round half way to the right and then set.
9-16First and second couples dance a reel of four across the set, first lady and second man pass left shoulder to begin, at the end first man and second lady dance directly to place and first man remains facing out while first lady and second man loop round to the right into place.
17-24First and second men and first lady dance a reel of three on the men’s side, first and second men pass left shoulder to begin while first lady dances across to second place on the men’s side to join them, at the end first lady omits the last loop and dances back to place while first and second men do an extra loop to change places.
25-32First and second ladies and first man dance similar right shoulder reels on the ladies’ side, first man dancing straight across to join the reel at the bottom and dancing back across to second place at the end while first and second ladies pass right shoulder to change places.

Repeat having passed a couple

Roderick passed his Teacher’s Certificate examination in 2001, teaching "Lady Harriet Hope’s Reel" as his test dance.
This dance avoids the teaching points of that dance and introduces some new ones.

Suggested Music "Lady Harriet Hope’s Reel", possible recorded music "Lady Harriet Hope’s Reel" played by Adam Rennie and remastered on the CD "The Adam Rennie Collection Vol Two" LEGACYCD16 or "Nice to See You" played by Ian Cruickshank on the CD of that name.

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