The Ivy Leaf

A 32 bar Strathspey for three couples in a triangular set.
For Ivy Thew.
Devised by Eddy West 2002.

1-8First couple taking promenade hold promenade clockwise round the set dropping left hands on bar 7 to half turn and finish man near the centre of the set facing up and lady at the top facing down. Second couple, who continue facing after the bow and curtsy, dance a petronella turn, set as first couple dance between them, dance another petronella turn and then turn right hand ¾ round to finish with the man in the centre facing lady. Third couple set facing, dance a petronella turn, set as first couple dance between them then turn half way round with right hand. (See figures for positions at bars 2,4 & 8.)
9-20All dance a clover leaf reel
 9-10 All pass partners right shoulder, men finish where their partner started, ladies dance on to face the man to their right. (see figure)
 11-12 All pass the person you are facing right shoulder, ladies to where that person was, men dance on to face partners.
 13-20 Repeat bars 9-12 twice to starting position.
21-24All set to partners and turn with both hands to original places.
25-28First and second couples dance half rights and lefts.
29-32First and third couples dance half rights and lefts.

Repeat from new positions.
Written in memory of Ivy Thew who I danced with many times at club and class and whose determination
kept her dancing when most of us would have retired.
This dance was originally published by the Auckland Region, NZ Branch RSCDS in the Ivy Thew Memorial Collection.
Suggested music: “The Silver Star” from Rob Gordon’s Complete Caledonian Ball.

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