Kathryn Jenny's Jig

32 bar reel for three couples in a four couple longwise set.

Devised in 1991, modified in 2013
Devised by Eddy West in 1991, bars 1-8 modified by Patsy Gellatly in June 2013.

1-2 First man casts below 2nd man and dances across the set towards second lady.
3-6 First man and second lady turn a little over a full turn with left hand raising their hands on bars 5 & 6 to make an arch. At the same time first lady casts to dance through the arch and dances towards second man.
7-8 First lady and second man turn with left hand to finish first lady in second place on mens side second man in top place. At the same time first man and second lady continue turning to finish second lady in top place, first man in second place.
9-12 First and second couples dance a half ladies chain, first couple are now on the ladies side.
13-16 First, second and third couples dance a three couple ladies chain.
 13-14 The three ladies taking right hands in a wheel dance on one place while the men dance anticlockwise to the place their partner has just left.
 15-16 Men half turn the lady they meet, men are in the position they were on bar 12, second lady is in top place, third lady in second mans place and first lady in third ladies place.
17-20 First and third couples dance a ladies chain up and down the dance
 17-18 The ladies change places giving right hands while the men dance across the dance to meet them.
 19-20 First couple turn left hand to face first corners, While third couple cross left hand to original places.
21-24 First couple dance half a reel of four with first corners passing left shoulders to face second corners.
25-28 First couple dance half a reel of four with second corners all finish on opposite sides.
29-32 Six hands round to the left.

Repeat having passed a couple.

Suggested recorded music: "The Lantern of the North" recorded by the Andrew Rankine on the LP "London Highland Club Diamond Jubilee"

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