Mr Pye’s Steak and Kidney Pie

A 32 bar Reel for 3 couples in a 4 couple longwise set

For Terence Pye.
Devised by Eddy West 2009.

1-2First and second couples set.
3-8First couple, followed by second couple dance down between third couple, cast up round them to place and come in to take both hands.
9-16First and second couples dance a poussette, at the end first couple do not retire but drop the top hand and each turn on the spot to be back to back facing own side.
17-20First couple dace three hands across with supporting dancers on own sides and pass right shoulders to...
21-24Dance three hands across giving left hands to corners, finish facing first corners.
25-32First couple dance set to corner, set to partner, all clap on bar 31 as first couple petronella turn to the sides.

Repeat having passed a couple

Terence, who sadly died in 2009, loved to treat his friends to a dinner party, often including a steak and kidney pie, and always with all home grown vegetables.

Suggested recorded music "Leith Country Dance" Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen, "Dance Time Vol 1".

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