The Square Rigged Ship

48 bar jig for four couples in a square set.

For Roger Schofield who taught at Whangarei Club for many years. He has the gift of making off the cuff puns on SCD terminology as he teaches.
Devised by Eddy West 2003.

1-8 Eight hands round and back.
9-16 Dance interlocking reels of three. (Pass partner right shoulder then dance round the next person passing left shoulder and pass partner right shoulder again.)
17-18 First couple turn with right hands finishing with promenade hold.
19-24 First couple promenade clockwise round the inside of the set acknowledging the other couples.
25-28First and second couples, and at the same time third and fourth couples, dance half rights and lefts.
29-32First and third couples advance towards each other then set turning by the right to finish close together facing out diagonally, second and fourth couples step apart to finish in a cross formation (see Fig. 1).
33-40 First and third couples dance a double set to corner set to opposite figure, (set to the person you are facing, moving to the left and pulling back your right shoulder on the second step to finish as in Fig 2, set to the person opposite, on the second step move to your left and pull back your right shoulder to face the next corner, repeat these four bars, on the last bar the ladies turn and advance to face the person on their right while the men petronella turn on the last two bars to face the person on their right forming two lines up and down, see Fig. 3).
41-48First couple with second lady and fourth man and third couple with second man and fourth lady dance reels of four up and down the set, finish in a square set.

Finish in 2,3,4,1 order ready to start again

Second and fourth couples step apart on bars 31 and 32 as in stepping up or down.

Suggested recorded music : "Let the Hackles Rise" recorded by Andrew Rankine on "Come Scottish Country Dancing with Andrew Rankine"

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